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Quality plant proteins, including powder, concentrate, and isolate.

Our plant proteins are derived from various natural sources such as pea, soy, rice, and hemp and are carefully selected to meet the highest purity, functionality, and sustainability standards. They are ideal for use in various applications such as meat alternatives, dairy alternatives, baked goods, snacks, and beverages.

Our pea protein, for example, is rich in amino acids and has a neutral flavour profile, making it an excellent choice for meat alternatives and protein bars. On the other hand, our soy protein has a high protein content and provides a creamy texture, making it perfect for use in dairy alternatives such as yoghurts and milkshakes.

Our rice protein is an excellent source of essential amino acids and is ideal for use in gluten-free and vegan products, while our hemp protein is a complete protein source rich in omega-3 fatty acids and fiber.

All Townview plant proteins are non-GMO, allergen-free, and vegan-friendly, making them suitable for various dietary requirements. They are also sustainably sourced and produced, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Why not request a sample of Townview's sustainable plant proteins today and experience the difference our high-quality, natural ingredients can make in your food and beverage products?

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