Your specialist sourcing and market expansion partner for quality fresh and frozen meat products.

Quality meat and meat product sourcing and distribution have been at the heart of Townview’s operations since 1999. Collaborating closely with customers and suppliers in over 35 countries, we continually investigate substitute products to drive cost efficiencies and enhance your value proposition.

Our rigorous process includes on-site plant visits and ongoing investment to improve our market insights and on-the-ground product knowledge.

When market conditions change, Townview Food Solutions is the partner you need to make improved and informed decisions around your raw material procurement.



We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and safety standards possible. Our suppliers must meet BRC, EEC and ISO approval as a minimum.

All Townview meat products are traceable back to the farm and sourced exclusively from verified, accredited, and established local and international partners.


Our product expertise, supply chain optimisation, and investment focus ensure Townview remains a cost-effective supply partner, year in, and year out.


Seamless customer service and exceptional sourcing capability make Townview a 'hassle-free' meat supply partner.

Market savvy

Our team is skilled at monitoring first-hand market information and commodity market activity affecting prices for meat, energy, packaging and logistics.

Trend aware

We continually focus on the latest meat product innovations, diligently sourcing products to capitalise on unlocked opportunities worldwide.

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