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Your specialist sourcing and market expansion partner for fresh and frozen fish and seafood.

At Townview Food Solutions, we're committed to sourcing excellence as a proven wholesale fresh and frozen fish supplier.

We ensure that all our seafood suppliers adhere to and exceed the industry standard on product quality, employee welfare, ESG targets, and globally recognised trading accreditations through plant audits, traceability assessments, and environmental questionnaires.

We cater to Europe’s restaurant chains, food retailers and foodservice operators. Our raw and frozen fish provision is essential to the supply chain for several international food processing and manufacturing companies.

Townview also caters to various UK and European retailers by supplying in-store counters and facilitating the development and delivery of innovative private-label and own-label seafood products and ranges.


Fully traceable

All Townview fish and seafood is fully traceable back to the port and sourced exclusively from verified and established local and international partners.


We guarantee that our fish and seafood products are of the highest quality and sustainability standards possible. Our suppliers must comply with stringent BRC, MSC, and ASC criteria.


Seamless customer service and an excellent product range make Townview the 'hassle-free' wholesale fish and seafood partner you need.


We continually focus on the latest fish, seafood and gastro innovations, sourcing products for unlocked opportunities across geographies.

Market insight

Our team is skilled at monitoring first-hand market information and commodity market activity affecting fish, seafood, energy, packaging and logistics prices.


Our product expertise, supply chain optimisation, and investment focus ensure Townview remains a cost-effective supply partner.

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