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Townview collaborates with a number of major pet food manufacturers to produce a range of meticulously balanced and nourishing pet nutrition products. Our support for pet food manufacturing includes the following:

Animal Protein: Different types of meat and seafood, such as beef, chicken, turkey, fish, and lamb.

Offal and Organ Meats: Nutrient-rich organ meats like liver, kidney, and heart, providing essential vitamins and minerals.

Meat and Seafood By-Products: Secondary cuts, trimmings, and other parts of animals and fish suitable for pet food formulation.

Whey Protein: Dairy by-products like whey protein used to enhance nutritional content.

Dried or Dehydrated Meats: Used as meaty treats or flavour enhancers.

Meat and Seafood Meals: Rendered meat and seafood meals are concentrated protein sources commonly used in dry and wet pet food formulations.

Speciality Ingredients: Novel protein sources, such as exotic meats or fish, for specialised or hypoallergenic pet diets.

Meat Broths and Stocks: Natural stocks made from meat or seafood can enhance the flavour and moisture of pet food.

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